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Your hosts shifted to the Rakaia Gorge in 2021 and chose this amazing location due to all the outdoor pursuits and community the area has to offer. They are passionate about Montrose and will do all they can to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. As local residents they are best placed to advise you where to go and what to see and provide the manaakitanga that Montrose is known for.

They look forward to welcoming you as manuhiri of Montrose.

New Zealand’s human history is relatively short: it was the last habitable land mass in the world to be discovered by the Polynesian ancestors of  the Maori. Large-scale European settlement began in the 1840s, and the subsequent social, political and economic changes have moved New Zealand from a British colonial outpost to a multicultural Pacific nation.

Ngai Tahu or Kai Tahu, is the principal Maori Iwi (tribe) of the southern region of New Zealand where Montrose Estate is located. It’s takiwa (tribal land area) is the largest in New Zealand, and extends from Blenheim, Mount Mahanga and Kahurangi Point in the north to Stewart Island in the south.


One of the owner’s of Montrose Estate is a descendant of the Ngati Raukawa Iwi (tribe), which is located in central North Island across the districts of Waikato. The three main houses of Montrose have been given the following Maori names: 

Hoturoa - named after the middle name of one of the owner's sons

Paewaka - named after the middle name of the father of one of the owner's

Te Ata - named after the middle name of one of the owner's daughters

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